Military Products

Advance Industries Group is an experienced Tier 2 supplier of fabricated metal military3components to military and defense contractors. We have earned the trust and respect of military providers with our integrity, product quality, custom engineering services, and dock-to-stock capabilities.

With over 10 years of experience as a military supplier, our team has developed a solid appreciation for the rigid timelines and harsh environmental challenges faced by our customers and their products. We have the necessary processes and standards in place to ensure that the products we deliver are both reliable and hardened for field use. In short, our military products meet the stringent specifications they are designed for.


Strategic Partnerships

We have worked hard to build customer relationships in which Advance military4Industries is a true strategic partner. Today our contribution is measured not only in term of reliability and product quality, but also in terms of the value we add to engineering design, documentation, quality control and inventory management.

Advance Industries is dedicated to the use of leading edge technologies and manufacturing techniques to produce precision formed metal parts that meet rugged military requirements. Many of our products have a “dock-to-stock” status with Tier 1 clients and are transferred directly to their production lines. Our customers can count on us to be responsive, dependable and totally committed.

Engineering Design and Development

Advance Industries works with our customers to design and analyze components, using state-of-the-art computerized design tools including:

  • FastCAM®
  • AutoCAD®
  • QuickCAD®

Metal Forming Processes

From prototype design to turnkey fabrication, Advance Industries Group has the military2equipment, experience and commitment to meet all your metal forming needs. We fabricate metal products using a variety of forming processes, including:

  • Roll Forming
  • Stamping
  • Press Braking
  • Punching
  • Slitting
  • Notching
  • Shearing
  • Blanking


Advance Industries fabricates components from a variety of metals, including:

  • Aluminum, all alloys including T1 and T2
  • Cold Rolled Steel
  • Hot-Rolled Steel
  • Galvanized Steel
  • High-Strength, Low-Alloy Steel
  • Stainless Steel

Joining, Cutting, Assembly

Advance Industries’ metal joining equipment includes MIG, TIG and spot military5welding. We use laser and high-definition plasma cutting to size and shape metal, and then form parts using the above processes to fabricate custom components and integrated assemblies.


Advance Industries can apply a variety of finishes to formed metal parts using fully equipped electrostatic paint spray booths and powder
coating lines.